The Mikash range of hand crafted glass beads, charms, bracelets and necklaces.My name is wayne also known as jangwayne designer since 2006 from manchester England. At( Mikash) & JINXIAOXIAO JEWELLERY CO. LTD.with knowing over 1,000 manufactures of almost every product you can think of ,we understand the need to provide fantastic and desirable items at affordable prices, Our aim is to put English Businesses in touch with direct manufactures! Across the globe . We are not a middle-man! The middle-man does not want you to know about us! WHY? Because we will put you in touch with the Right People within 24h,(Confidentiaity Agreement Applys) Saving your time, save your money.What you may or may-not know.Manufactures only deal with their own people! This is how you get the middle-man! But you can avoid this with our Help- ensuring you receive the best products,best price

jinxiaoxiao. j. Co.,LTD . Mikash. A business bridge bewteen you and China,Thailand,Qingdao,South kreao,Shenzhen, and mean more.  Providing fast affordable, realiable service for all your business needs.

Finding all the informations of the right products from direct manufactures, helping you with e-mails, talking, translation and QQ Until you build business relationship with the manufactures.

Our aim is to help you! Get Rid of the middle man, Save your money, Save your time.


Call 0844 249 2957.     Why pay  more ?     Term & Conditions Apply



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